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University Program Update: What We’re Doing & What’s on Next


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Summer has gotten off to a blazing start with Algorand events gathering students across the globe. In this article, we'll take a look at the latest updates and initiatives from the university program and share the exciting things coming up next. If you’re new to Algorand, welcome to the community! 

What is Algorand’s university program?   

Algorand’s university program consists of two things: Algorand Centers of Excellence (ACE) and Algorand Blockchain Clubs (ABCs). ACE is a global network of blockchain and cryptocurrency research and education centers working to advance blockchain knowledge and technology. ABC is a global community of students enthusiastic about learning, building and innovating in the blockchain space. The focus of the community is to encourage the next generation of professionals in the crypto ecosystem.

What have Algorand students been up to?

A major event in our university calendar was the MEGA-ACE NTUA Summer School. In May, the idyllic island of Spetses in Greece became a hub of blockchain education. The summer school welcomed 140 students from 15 different countries. The event provided a unique space for the exchange of knowledge, networking, and interaction with Algorand blockchain technology. It was an excellent opportunity for students to share ideas, experiences, and perspectives with experts and enthusiasts in the field.

In April 2023, we announced our partnership with the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF), a non-profit organization composed of students, professors, blockchain advocates committed to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and a user-owned internet. Currently underway is the AlgoBuilders program, an incredible initiative that arose from the partnership. Its main objective is to guide, educate, and incentivize students from the top blockchain clubs in North and South America. Over the summer, three stages of the project are taking place: ideation, development, and demonstration. Each team will work diligently under the guidance of seven expert mentors from the Algorand ecosystem until August. Finally, a demo day will showcase these innovative projects.

What is coming up next for Algorand students? 

Our next Algorand Blockchain Clubs are focused on womxn in Web3. The first is a Twitter Space taking place on July 6 (set a reminder), hosted by Algorand Foundation’s Head of Education and Inclusion Doro Unger-Lee and Student Engagement Lead Eva Rodriguez. Following this is a workshop (sign up) on July 15 where womxn and students can discover the endless possibilities of Web3, learn how to get started, and get inspired by industry experts and leading women in Web3 communities. This event is designed to motivate and encourage students to embrace Web3 technologies and embark on a path of innovation and growth. Everyone is welcome!

There are countless ways to get involved and start your blockchain journey, whatever your level of knowledge. 

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