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Algorand impact Summit

Algorand Impact Summit will bring together developers, founders, executives, policymakers, NGOs, investors, and other thought leaders who see blockchain as part of the solution to the world’s most intractable challenges.

Celebrating India’s presidency of the G20, we’ll convene in India’s capital city some of the world’s true visionaries driving the use of Web3 solutions to create a more inclusive economy.

November 30 - December 1, 2023

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The Leela Palace Hotel
Africa Ave, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110023, India



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What to Expect

Hear from domain and blockchain experts on the historic barriers and solutions being built for greater parity in access to capital, markets, and basic services.

Learn from senior policy officials about the latest policy developments and regulatory challenges to greater innovation in blockchain solutions.

Listen to leading investors talk about the latest trends and perspectives on how they are evaluating blockchain investment opportunities.

Interact with policy officials, investors, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders from around the globe who are driving blockchain innovation.

Unite with developers, founders, executives, policymakers, NGOs and investors

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Impact Summit Session Bios

9:00 Am
Registration opens
10:00 Am
Welcome Remarks


The Summit will begin with Dr. Nikhil Varma taking us on a short journey of life on the blockchain, giving a quick primer on the basics of blockchain and an exploration of the potential for this technology to positively impact our world in unique ways. He will introduce Web3 and its role in democratizing access to capital, markets, and services for a more inclusive economy.

10:05 Am
2023 - The Year in Review


The Summit will begin with Dr. Nikhil Varma taking us on a short journey of life on the blockchain, giving a quick primer on the basics of blockchain and an exploration of the potential for this technology to positively impact our world in unique ways. He will introduce Web3 and its role in democratizing access to capital, markets, and services for a more inclusive economy.

10:15 Am
2023 at AlgoBharat


The Summit will begin with Dr. Nikhil Varma taking us on a short journey of life on the blockchain, giving a quick primer on the basics of blockchain and an exploration of the potential for this technology to positively impact our world in unique ways. He will introduce Web3 and its role in democratizing access to capital, markets, and services for a more inclusive economy.

10:30 Am
Imagining a Blockchain World


The Summit will begin with Dr. Nikhil Varma taking us on a short journey of life on the blockchain, giving a quick primer on the basics of blockchain and an exploration of the potential for this technology to positively impact our world in unique ways. He will introduce Web3 and its role in democratizing access to capital, markets, and services for a more inclusive economy.

10:45 AM
Identity as a Foundation for Inclusion

Despite the affirmation of identity as a basic human right by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, over a billion people across the globe today are excluded from fundamental services and full economic participation due to a lack of recognized identification. Inclusive systems of self-sovereign digital identity are enabling improved targeting and accountability across social services, financial tools, education, healthcare, and more. Portable user-controlled digital IDs present a powerful opportunity to expand access and empower the world's most marginalized individuals. This panel will explore the frontiers of innovation at the intersection of technology, digital identity, and inclusion.

11:25 Am
Account Ability: Financial Services for the Next Billion

Over 1.5 billion of our fellow citizens lack access to basic financial services. This exclusion disproportionately impacts women, small businesses, and other groups engaged in informal work and r​​eliant on cash-based economies. This panel explores how blockchain innovation, through the use of smart contracts, decentralized digital identification, finance, and governance, is helping address challenges such as inadequate identification, geographic isolation, and lack of trust in order to expand financial inclusion for the underserved and empower the world’s most vulnerable populations.

12:15 pm
1:35 PM
Sustain Ability: Blockchain and the Path to Carbon Neutrality

Carbon markets suffer from ambiguity over offset provenance and inadequate verification mechanisms. This panel explores how harnessing the transparency of blockchain technology to track emissions and environmental attributes​​ of assets can provide auditable lifecycle verification. Additionally, the panelists will discuss how smart contracts can automate credit issuance upon verified events like renewable energy generation. The tokens generated not only enable more liquid offset trading but also incentivize sustainable behaviors.

2:20 PM
FIRESIDE CHAT with Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder and CEO, Mann Deshi Women’s Rural Cooperative Bank and Foundation

Chetna Gala Sinha founded Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank in 1997 to address the financial needs of rural women. She galvanized several hundred women to pool their savings to set up India’s first bank for and by rural women. Today, Mann Deshi Bank has 200,000 account holders across its eight branches and has issued over US $60 million in loans for female micro-entrepreneurs. Sinha has since established the Mann Deshi Foundation to further support rural women. She is a Yale World Fellow, an Ashoka Fellow, former co-chair of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and a constant innovator of new financial products. Join this fireside chat to hear what Sinha and the Mann Deshi team are building on Algorand to serve the needs of their female micro-entrepreneurs.

2:50 PM
Disaster Relief Spotlight

The rising frequency of natural disasters and humanitarian crises is creating urgency to improve relief systems that have historically been slow, opaque, and vulnerable to fraud. Blockchain solutions are being developed to deliver more efficient and transparent crisis responses. Cryptographic identities on the blockchain give survivors portable access to claim assistance across providers — and in a variety of circumstances. Distributed ledgers bring accountability by tracking donation sources and usage, and smart contracts accelerate distribution of funding for essential supplies. This panel explores leading-edge applications of blockchain as an enabling infrastructure for streamlined disaster preparedness and relief.

3:25 PM
Coffee Break
3:45 PM
Making Work Work - Returning Value to the Creators of Value 

Urbanization, the gig economy, remote working, digital commerce, automation, sustainability, and an aging population are just some of the factors that are driving change in labor markets. We’ve seen the devaluation of certain types of jobs and the resulting need for workers to relocate to get closer to those jobs that pay better wages. This panel highlights a set of innovative Web3 pioneers and the solutions they are developing to help prove a product’s authenticity and to enable remote workers—be they musicians, farmers, or artisans—to capture more of the value of the goods that they create. Learn about the latest workforce trends and the blockchain-based solutions that are bucking them.

4:30 PM
Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain Transparency

Stakeholder demand for detailed and trusted data on product origin, materials, labor and more is burdening global organizations with significant reporting obligations. This panel explores how blockchain technology and smart contract automation can offer transparency and traceability at each step of the supply chain. This enables all parties to more easily monitor origin and delivery dynamics and to meet reporting and other requirements.

5:15 PM
End of day remarks
5:30 pm
Celebrating Impact! Dinner event with Atul Kulkarni

Headlined by the amazingly talented Atul Kulkarni, our dinner event will be an opportunity to celebrate some of the most impactful solutions being built on Algorand, the world’s most sustainable blockchain. We will spotlight five companies from different parts of India and around the globe that are building solutions to deliver value back to where it is being created. Solutions that create transparency, the ability to authenticate, and reward work regardless of where it is carried out. You will hear the remarkable stories of hard-working individuals who are on the front lines of creating a more inclusive economy. Join us as we celebrate impact!

8:00 Am
Registration opens
8:30 Am
Algorand Women’s Breakfast Club
10:00 Am
Welcome Remarks
10:10 Am
Digital Transformation: Getting the Policy Environment Right

During its Presidency of the G20, the World Bank celebrated India for its great strides in financial inclusion and advances in creating digital public infrastructure. Drawing from India’s success with the “India Stack,” this panel will explore the factors that influence a government’s ability to adopt new technology generally, best practices in regulation, and the enabling environment for nurturing Web3 innovation.

11:05 AM
NEW FRONTIERS Brainstorming Session: Utilizing Blockchain to Improve Health Outcomes

Many factors influence an individual’s health and wellbeing. The environment one is born into, and the places she lives, works, plays and travels – the ‘social determinants of health’ – are seen as important today as how and where she accesses the formal health care system. The solutions available in the public and private markets struggle to account for this multitude of factors. What are the challenges that providers face in helping the most vulnerable access systems and services and make the everyday choices that are strong predictors of positive health outcomes? Is there a way to customize a path or set of recommendations for an individual based on his unique circumstances? Join this panel of experts working in different aspects of policy development and care delivery for a discussion on new approaches and persistent challenges to improving health outcomes, followed by an exploration into the role blockchain solutions can play.

11:50 AM
Tokenizing Real World Assets – Democratizing Access to Investment Opportunities

Rising economic disparity across the globe is closing off certain investment opportunities for a growing segment of retail investors. Barriers like capital requirements and geography are limiting access for household investors to assets like real estate, renewable energy projects, and private equity. By fractionalizing ownership of these real-world assets, blockchain can help democratize finance by bringing in a new class of investors, and simultaneously help provide liquidity to the markets. This panel will explore pioneering blockchain projects fractionalizing ownership of assets and discuss ways to advance their wide scale adoption.

12:30 PM
1:30 PM
Pitch Competition – Final Round

AlgoBharat launched its Road to Impact in July with workshops in cities across India to support teams ready to build their impactful Web3 solutions on Algorand. Several hundred developers and 175 projects later, the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition was whittled down to 25 projects in October. Of these 25 projects, ten teams won a trip to the Impact Summit and will be pitching their projects before a panel of judges in the Royal Ballroom at The Leela Palace on November 30. The judges will select the three finalists who will compete for the top prize in the Grand Ballroom on December 1, based on the following criteria:

  1. Impact: Does the project help improve access to capital / finance, markets or services?
  2. Scale: How large is the addressable market that the solution can serve?
  3. Development stage: How developed is the solution?
  4. Innovation: How innovative is the project team's use of blockchain?
2:30 PM
Fireside Chat with Benedetto Biondi, CEO, Folks Finance

In an era of rapidly evolving financial landscapes, decentralized finance (DeFi) has emerged as a powerful force reshaping the world of finance and economic inclusion. This fireside chat with the founder of Algorand’s biggest DeFi protocol, Folks Finance, explores how cutting-edge DeFi applications compare with traditional finance offerings in democratizing access to finance for borrowers and investors alike. 

3:00 PM
Coffee Break
3:20 PM
Breaking Barriers: A New World of Payment Solutions

Digital wallets allow peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries, and blockchain payment solutions help provide financial tools to the unbanked, streamline aid payments from NGOs, make remittances from abroad more cost-effective, enable microfinance utilities for the excluded, all while ensuring speed, transparency and accountability on-chain. The panel will highlight implementations of innovative blockchain payment solutions, including in some of the world’s most distressed areas.

4:10 PM
Empowering Our Web3 Entrepreneurs – What Do They Need?

History shows that technology transformation (1) does not happen overnight and (2) requires patient investors, resilient entrepreneurs and a supportive ecosystem. The participants on this panel have shown a fierce commitment to nurturing and supporting innovation. How are different stakeholders investing in the Web3 ecosystem? This panel will explore the lessons learned from pioneers in this space that may be helpful to others looking to invest in areas that will most benefit from these innovations.

4:45 PM
CLOSING KEYNOTE by Dr. Ram Sewak Sharma, Chair, Algorand Foundation India Advisory Committee

Dr. Sharma, a former public servant in India, remains one of the country's preeminent figures, known for his  remarkable track record of innovation and change management. His leadership roles include CEO of the National Health Authority, Chair of the Empowered Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19, and Chair of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Dr. Sharma oversaw the National Digital Health Mission and the Digital India initiative, while helping drive development and adoption of numerous digital products in governance and citizen services, such as eKYC, Digital Locker, eSign, Online Reservation System (ORS) for hospitals, Digital Attendance, Jeevan Pramaan (a system for issuing Digital Life Certificates for pensioners). He crafted policies for digital payments that led to the creation of the UPI payment system in India.  Dr. Sharma is perhaps best known for his work as Director General & Mission Director of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), where he helped bring to fruition the Government of India’s ambitious project to provide a unique identity to all its residents. 

Leveraging his decades of leadership experience as a change agent, Dr. Sharma will conclude the two-day summit with his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of wide scale adoption of new technology, and the critical role that government plays.

5:05 PM
Note of Thanks and Announcement of Creating Impact! Pitch Competition WInner
5:30 PM
Closing Reception with Bollyjazz

Join us for an evening of networking and celebrating each of you, our global Algorand family, as we wrap up two days of discussion, presentation, exploration, and collaboration. This will be the end of our 2023 Algorand Impact Summit, but a continuation of the journey we’ve set on to use blockchain to create a more inclusive economy. Be ready to tap your toes to the mesmerizing tunes of Delhi’s favorite, Bollyjazz.

Developer Track

During both days of the Impact Summit we will be running a developer track in the Royal Ballroom: two packed days to hear from and network with fellow developers, builders, and entrepreneurs from across India, and with the Algorand team.

9:00 Am
Registration opens
10:00 Am
Welcome Session with the Algorand Foundation and AlgoBharat DevRel Team

Get to know us, tell us about your project, your training journey, or the Algorand Blockchain Club on your campus, and schedule time for a one-on-one mentoring session. We are here to collaborate with you!

10:15 Am
Semi-Final Round of the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition

We started with 175 teams from across India and are now down to ten semi-finalists. All ten will be pitching their solutions on the stage to our panel of judges, competing for the top three spots that will make it to the Grand Ballroom stage for the final round on Day 2 of the Impact Summit.

1:15 PM
2:30 PM
Tech Talks - C#

Join AlgoBharat super trainer, Sunil Kapadia, as he takes you on an exciting journey in C#.

3:30 PM
Tech Talks – MEV

Our AlgoBharat community superstar Subhasish Goswami breaks down for us the concept of maximum extractable value (MEV). Don’t miss this session.

4:15 PM
AlgoBharat Creating Impact! Pitch Competition Finalists Announced

From an initial 175 entrants in the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition, only three finalists remain after today. Our AlgoBharat Tech Lead, Nikhil Varma, delivers the big news on who goes on to the final round on the main stage!

4:30 PM
Impact Summit Tech Challenge

We’ve got a fun challenge lined up for all the #AlgoDevs in the house! Register for the Day 2 Tech Challenge, and get your AlgoKit Dev Environment set up for the fun that awaits you.

6:00 PM
Day 1 Wrap Up
6:15 PM
Celebrating Impact! Dinner Event

Join headliner Atul Kulkarni for our dinner event celebrating some of the most impactful solutions being built on Algorand. We will spotlight five companies building solutions to deliver value back to where it is being created. Solutions that create transparency, the ability to authenticate, and reward work regardless of where it is carried out. Join us as we celebrate impact!

8:00 Am
Registration Opens
8:30 Am
Algorand Women’s Breakfast Club

Be sure to register!

10:00 Am
Opening Session

Welcome remark for Day 2, along with release of App IDs for all the devs participating in the Impact Summit Tech Challenge.

10:15 Am
Tech Talks – TEALScript

Join Algorand DevRel rockstar Ryan Fox for an exciting journey in TEALScript.

11:15 Am
Impact Summit Tech Challenge / DevRel Office Hours

Get all your developer questions answered, and don’t miss the solutions released every hour en route to the grand prize winner.

1:15 Pm
1:30 Pm
Simulcast: Final Round of Creating Impact! Pitch Competition

Grab your lunch and settle in for the simulcast of the final round of the Pitch Competition. All ten semi-finalists go on to the Startup Labs, but only get the first prize winnings. Who will it be?

2:30 Pm
Impact Summit Tech Challenge / DevRel Office Hours

The Challenge continues! Two more hours of DevRel Support before the end.

4:30 Pm
Tech Challenge Winners Announced!
4:40 Pm
Simulcast: Closing Keynote Address by Dr. RS Sharma, Chair of the Algorand Foundation India Advisory Committee
5:00 Pm
End of Summit Remarks and Announcement of Creating Impact! Pitch Competition Winner
5:30 Pm
Impact Summit Closing Reception

Tap your toes to the sounds of Bollyjazz while you network with the developers, builders, and all the other amazing folks from around the world gathered in Delhi who make the AlgoFam the amazing community that it is today.


Linda Adami

Founder & CEO

Quantum Temple

Ramiro Almeida

Co-Founder & CEO

Tram Global Inc.

T R Anand

Member, Governing Board

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Bangalore Chapter

Jayson Berryhill Headshot

Jayson Berryhill



Tania Bhattacharya

Founder & CEO

The Celestial Earth

Indu Bhushan Headshot

Indu Bhushan

Member, Advisory Committee

Algorand Foundation India

Benedetto Biondi Headshot

Benedetto Biondi



Jesu Neelkamal Borah

Assam Ambassador


Bilal Brahim



Mirai Chatterjee



Smriti Chaudry Headshot

Smriti Chaudry

Founder & CEO


Upasna Dash

Founder & CEO

Jajabor Brand Consultancy

Niall Dennehy

Co-Founder & COO


Sabina Dewan Headshot

Sabina Dewan

President & Executive Director

JustJobs Network

Mrinalika Dhapola


Grassroot Trading Network for Women

Orchlon Enkhtsetseg

Founder & CEO


Ryan Fox

Senior Developer Advocate

Algorand Foundation

Yigit Güler


Pera Wallet

Mohita Gupta

India Project Lead

Algorand Foundation

Sandra Uwantege Hart Headshot

Sandra Uwantege Hart

Humanitarian & Development Expert

Haramba Consulting

Julie Hudman

Managing Partner

Vikasa Health

Vandana Jain

Director, Emerging Markets

Evident Capital

Gonzalo Jimenez

Head of Cash Transfers

WFP Afghanistan

Anil Kakani

VP and India Country Head

Algorand Foundation

Sunil Kapadia

Gujarat Ambassador


Matt Keller

Director of Social Impact

Algorand Foundation

Jasmeet Khurana

Lead, Climate Technology

World Economic Forum

S. Krishnan

Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & IT

Government of India

Chandan Kumar


Srinivas Rao Mahankali



Victor Mapunga

Founder & CEO

FlexID Technologies

Rahul Matthan



Amit Mehra Headshot

Amit Mehra

Partner, Investments

Borderless Capital

Prabir Mishra




VP, Community & Ecosystem Success

Algorand Foundation

Mohammad Mudassir

Delhi/NCR Ambassador


Robert Pasicko

Expert for Alternative Finance and Low Carbon Development


Kevin Peach


Disaster Services Corporation SVDP-USA

Eduard Peris Deprez


Impact Plus

Nigel Pont Headshot

Nigel Pont

Advisor to the Chairman


Saurav Raaj

Founder & CEO


Syed Mohsin Raja Headhsot

Syed Mohsin Raja


Birina HandmadeTM

Jayesh Ranjan Headshot

Jayesh Ranjan

Principal Secretary

Government of Telangana

Sandra Ro


Global Blockchain Business Council

Neha Roy

Kolkata Ambassador


Arun Sahdeo

Disaster Risk Management Advisor


Urja Shah

President & Managing Trustee

Setco Foundation

Ram Sewak Sharma Headshot

Ram Sewak Sharma

Chair, Advisory Committee

Algorand Foundation India

Tanvi Singh

Managing Director and Global Digital Asset Technology Lead


Abhinav Sinha



Chetna Gala Sinha

Founder & Chair

Mann Deshi Bank and Foundation

Angad Sodhi

Artist & Co-Founder

Colours of India

Suraj Teja Headshot

Suraj Teja

Founder & CEO

Sow & Reap

Ryan Terribilini

Head of Ecosystem Funding

Algorand Foundation

Ashish J. ThakkAr

Group CEO


Doro Unger-Lee

Head of Education and Inclusion

Algorand Foundation

Barbara Van Logchem

Regional Logistics Officer

United Nations World Food Programme

Nikhil Varma

Tech Lead


Manoj Vembu Headshot

Manoj Vembu

Managing Director

VRV Global

Staci Warden Headshot

Staci Warden


Algorand Foundation

Jason Weathersby

Head of Developer Relations

Algorand Foundation

Min Wei

Global Head of Ecosystem Growth

Algorand Foundation

Eric Wragge

Global Head of Business Development and Capital Markets

Algorand Foundation

Suhail Zaidi Headshot

Suhail Zaidi

Director General

Manufacturers Association for Information Technology

Media Partner