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Algorand Blockchain Club for Students (ABCs) builds a global Algorand student community by partnering with university clubs offering best-in-class educational and professional blockchain opportunities, both on their campuses and beyond.

Our Core Pillars


ABC programs have access to Algorand's state-of-the-art learning resources, webinars and in-person events, designed to accelerate students' blockchain learning opportunities.

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ABC programs foster a welcoming global community that thrives on peer-to-peer learning and a shared belief in the use of blockchain to drive a positive impact on society.


ABC programs share a passion for innovation and curiosity, where student members are encouraged to experiment and apply blockchain technology in new and creative ways.

Diversity & Inclusion

ABC programs prioritise inclusive and diverse communities, welcoming students from all backgrounds, geographies, academic disciplines, and levels of blockchain experience.

Algorand Community Governance: Period 3 Review

Algorand Foundation partners with Blockchain Acceleration Foundation

The Algorand Foundation is proud to announce the partnership with the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF). This partnership will accelerate blockchain student clubs across the American continent.

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Students are the driving force behind the powerful grassroots movement that propels the blockchain space forward. The Algorand Blockchain Clubs’ mission is to help educate and empower them.

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