Real-World Assets on Algorand

Real-world assets (RWAs) represent intangible and tangible assets, as well as data, unlocking economic participation and accessibility.

Importance of tokenizing real-world assets

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Tokenization reduces reliance on intermediaries, lowering costs and streamlining operations.

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Seamless Transactions


Tokenization opens up investments to broader audiences, promoting financial inclusion.

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Blockchain ensures clear ownership and transfer histories for tokenized assets.

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Increased liquidity 

Enhanced access through tokenization drives increased liquidity, making assets easier to trade. 

Why real-world assets on Algorand?

Low transaction fees

Low fees benefit both issuers and holders of real-world assets. 

Granular control

Role-based permissions, like freezing and clawback, facilitate compliance setups.

Trustless transfers

Atomic swaps ensure simultaneous payment and asset delivery within a single transaction. 

Ease of creation

Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) simplify asset creation and deployment without smart contracts.

Fast execution

Transactions are processed in under three seconds and are instantly final, removing delay or uncertainty.

Secure and scalable

A decentralized layer-one architecture and Pure Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism deliver reliability at scale.

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What Are Real-World Assets?


How Blockchain Is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

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Real estate

Owning a piece of property just got easier! Tokenization streamlines buying and selling, while fractional ownership unlocks the market for smaller investors.

Art, books and music

Tokenization ensures your art, books, and music are the real deal, protected on the blockchain from fraud and forgery. Own with confidence, support creators, and celebrate culture on chain!

Stocks, equities and commodities

Tokenization unlocks stocks, equities and commodities for a wider base of investors. The tokenized assets can be traded anytime, anywhere on decentralized exchanges, avoiding the complexities of traditional methods. Please note that trading carries significant risks and this is not financial advice.

Stablecoins and electronic money tokens

Stablecoins and electronic money tokens (EMTs) offer fiat-like stability with crypto-like agility on decentralized exchanges, facilitating seamless transactions and unlocking new financial opportunities.

Alternative assets

Alternative asset tokenization opens doors to exciting realms like green energy, grains, and even airline tickets. Explore new frontiers with real-world assets.


Data, like the intricate moves of a grandmaster's chess game, can be recorded on chain in the form of a tokenized real-world asset.  

Tokenization platforms

These tokenization platforms unlock efficient trading, fractional ownership, and increased liquidity for all kinds of assets. Dive into a more streamlined, accessible and exciting financial landscape. Capital at risk.

How to tokenize real-world assets on Algorand 

You can create real-world assets on Algorand with Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). 

An ASA is a digital token that can represent anything—fungible or non-fungible—on the Algorand blockchain.

Before you begin, make sure you have a wallet that supports Algo. Need a wallet? Read this guide.

1. Fund your Algorand wallet.

You'll need Algo to pay the transaction fees when creating ASAs. 

2. Choose your creation method.

You can create ASAs using either AlgoKit or a third-party platform like The Laboratory. Download AlgoKit.

3. Confirm and complete RWA creation.

If you’re using AlgoKit, run your script to create the ASA and ensure you receive a successful response to confirm completion. 

4. Manage your RWA.

After successfully creating your ASA, you can manage it through your Algorand wallet or the platform you used to create it. 

That's it! You've now tokenized a real-world asset on the Algorand blockchain. 

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