ACE Learning Resources

"Introduction to Blockchain" courses:

  • ACE-W3 self-paced online course: Introduction to Blockchain Development: Solidity and PyTeal
  • ACE-W3 self-paced online course: Blockchain Innovation and its Uses
  • ACE-W3 self-paced online course: Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • Gateway to Algorand offered by BlockBeam (cohort-based): Sign-up information; Author: BlockBeam team
  • DeFi Talents program (cohort-based, virtual): Sign-up information; Author: Frankfurt school Blockchain Center
  • DLT Talents Program (cohort-based, virtual, women only): Sign-up information; Author: Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
  • 10 Academy (cohort-based, virtual, African continent only): Sign-up information; Author: 10 Academy
  • International School on Algorand Smart Contracts organized by the Italian Working Group on Distributed Ledger Technology: Link (slides, GitHub and recordings); Authors: Massimo Bartoletti, University of CAgliari, Claudio Schifanella, University of Turin, Francesco Tiezzzi, University of Florence, Ivan Visconti, University of Salerno, Andrea Vitaletti, Sapienza University of Rome, Roberto Zunino, University of Trento; Fall 2022

Algorand Developer Tools:

  • Coding on Algorand - Getting Started: Document; Author: Algorand Foundation Tech team; Summer 2022
  • Algorand Developer Portal: Website; Author; Algorand Dev Rel team
  • Algorand Discord: Forum; Author: Community

Introductory Algorand Developer Courses:

  • Master PyTeal: YouTube; Author: Algorand Foundation Dev Rel Team.
  • Algorand School: GitHub; Author: Cosimo Bassi, Algorand Inc
  • Building Blockchain Solutions on Algorand; Videos and Slide Decks; Author: Alessio Bonti (IBM/Deakin University) for Bocconi University; Summer 2022
  • "PyTeal - Zero to Hero"; YouTube playlist; Author: Jacob Linddahl (BAF); Spring 2022

Teaching Materials:

  • Introduction to Algorand Smart Contracts; Author: Algorand Foundation Research Team, Spring 2022:

          - Slide Decks
          - Part 1: Recording

          - Part 2: Recording

Note: Some of the material here may require revisions due to ongoing enhancements to Algorand Smart Contracts' developer tools and new AVM features.

  • Homework examples: GitHub; Author: Algorand Foundation Research Team; Spring 2022 (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Co-Pierre Georg's teaching materials: GitHub; Author: Co-Pierre Georg, ACE-FI (University of Cape Town)
  • Additional Course Materials: GitHub; Author: Fabrice Benhamouda
  • NOTE: Please check with Algorand Foundation for updates to our smart contract technology prior to using this material.