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V2B Labs x Algorand Foundation Strategic Partnership Announcement


V2B Labs

V2B Labs is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Algorand Foundation, a Layer-1 blockchain that is unparalleled for bringing fast, frictionless, and inclusive technologies to everyone.

Singapore, September 26th, 2022 - We are excited to announce that the next in our series of partnership announcements is Algorand Foundation, welcome onboard mate!

Algorand Foundation has been widely known as the solution for a decentralized, secured and scalable Layer 1 blockchain. The mission of Algorand Foundation has always been empowering the traditional finance system as well as developing the Web3 era. Acquiring this golden mission, V2B Labs is proud to become one of the trustful accompany, strategic partners of Algorand from today.

With years of experience in understanding the Vietnam market’s insights and having substantial networking of partners, also the experience on marketing for numerous projects, V2B Labs is truly confident in greasing the wheels for Algorand Foundation in terms of marketing conduction, media connection and blockchain technology development. What’s more, together with the matching vision of developing the Blockchain community in Vietnam, V2B Labs will supervise as a representative for the Algorand community in multi-channel, thereby enlarging the Algorand’s status and privilege in Asian and internationally as well. We believe this long-term partnership with Algorand Foundation will support blockchain potential projects in different fields such as technology, marketing, business development, etc. 

Apart from marketing and technology support, this strong partnership will also open up more exclusive events for the Algorand community in Vietnam as V2B Labs is the representative, connecting Algorand Foundation with Vietnam's years of experienced developers as the representative face for its chain in the long run. According to Algorand’s brand name as well, V2B Labs will also have a chance to speak loudly to the world. 

On the whole, thanks to this resonance relationship and as blockchain continues to change market dynamics, we believe the upside potential in the Vietnam market is tremendous, thereby this collaboration between V2B Labs and Algorand Foundation will be a milestone for the next change in the Blockchain industry. 

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