NewsSmart Contract development for Polynize to create an innovate-to-earn game platform

Smart Contract development for Polynize to create an innovate-to-earn game platform


Algorand Foundation

February 15th, 2022 - The Algorand Foundation welcomes Polynize to the Algorand ecosystem as our latest grant recipient. Polynize has been awarded a grant to support blockchain development to create the world’s first innovate-to-earn token economy.

Polynize is building the game platform for people all over the world to apply creativity to real-world missions and be rewarded for their innovations. By bringing together and aligning the incentives of businesses, investors and players, Polynize unleashes the untapped potential of communities to mint new innovations and projects that will grow the Algorand ecosystem.

“Imaging gamified hackathons working on missions backed by real funds and businesses” – says Shourov Bhattacharya, co-founder of Polynize – “And then think of all the innovations that will be created in every field - business ideas, apps, music, art - that people can evolve into new projects. That is the Polyverse that we want to create on Algorand.”

The Polynize team is building towards their launch event in mid-2022 - the Algorand Games, an online Polynize game tournament with missions backed by prominent stakeholders within the Algorand ecosystem and beyond.

“The Algorand community has a focus on building great projects and have really welcomed us.” — says Polynize co-founder Marrs Coiro – “We want to give back by bringing new people and capital into the Algorand ecosystem and creating a wave of new innovations. Our long-term mission is to establish Algorand as the ‘innovation blockchain’.”

The grant from the Algorand Foundation has given the Polynize team the support they need to build the blockchain infrastructure behind their platform.

“The Algorand Foundation grant was crucial for us to build the basis of our platform.” – says Shourov– ”There are many challenges in porting our mechanics onto the blockchain, but the Algorand Layer 1 and tools have proven to be an excellent choice for us. We’re grateful for the support of the Algorand Foundation and the wider community. Can’t wait to port all of you into the Polyverse very soon!”

“We’re very excited to welcome Polynize to the Algorand Ecosystem. Polynize Games is an innovative platform which will mint NFTs in all formats for all industries be it videos, documents, plans, credentials, designs, artwork, music, code, etc. We see our collaboration as an opportunity to explore untapped communities and accelerate the growth of our ecosystems by engaging new and diverse audiences to NFT creation based on innovation. Our collaboration will serve to increase community engagement both from the creator and consumer perspective and not just be limited to DeFi and blockchain enthusiasts. We're delighted that the Polynize game platform and marketplace has decided to build on Algorand, including Smart Contracts for rewarding game play and minting/tokenizing and trading innovation assets”. - Addie Wagenknecht, Head of Global Ecosystems and Technical Operations  

For more information on Polynize, please visit or follow them on Twitter. If you are interested in submitting a project for support from the Algorand Foundation Grant program, please apply here.

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