NewsGeneralCDP Venture Capital launches Frontech Accelerator, with Algorand and Microsoft as technical partners

CDP Venture Capital launches Frontech Accelerator, with Algorand and Microsoft as technical partners


Algorand Foundation

From today until May 19th, startups can apply for the six month accelerator program and €120,000 investment via

Algorand Foundation is proud to announce its role as a technical partner in the newly launched Frontech Accelerator, a program of CDP Venture Capital’s National Accelerator Network. With support from CDP’s own Accelerator Fund as well as co-investors GELLIFY and Cariplo Factory, the program has a total endowment of over €7 million.

Frontech’s focus is on so-called “frontier” technologies, or those enabling digital transformation, with applications such as digital identity, intellectual property authentication, generative AI models, gaming, AR/VR, digital art, and more. 

Ten startups in seed and early stage phases will be selected every year for three years, with each receiving an initial investment ticket of €120 thousand and a six-month program focused on strengthening their business proposals, with interactive sessions in four key areas:

  • Vertical technology
  • Product development & service design
  • Business development
  • Fundraising

As a technical partner, Algorand will provide mentorship and guidance to accepted startups throughout the duration of the program. 

Frontech Accelerator will be based in Sardinia, with a reference base in Cagliari. Participation is open to both Italian and international startups that intend to open a registered office in Italy. Applications are open from today until May 19th.

To learn more about the Accelerator, CDP Venture Capital, or any of the partners involved in the program, please read the full announcement here

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