NewsNFTAsalytic, a Powerful NFT Platform Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award

Asalytic, a Powerful NFT Platform Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award


Algorand Foundation

May 18th, 2022 - The Algorand Foundation welcomes Asalytic to the Algorand ecosystem as our latest grant recipient. Asalytic is a powerful NFT platform that brings newly created value to the ecosystem by leveraging publicly available on-chain data and dApps composability. Asalytic introduces the user to the digital asset realm from multiple perspectives.

The intuitive user experience powered by visuals, statistics and current trends enables the user to easily form an image of the whole NFT space. The user can perform an in-depth collection analysis and browse all the listed NFTs on the most popular marketplaces on Algorand, such as RandGallery and ALGOxNFT. On top of this, Asalytic provides portfolio analysis of any active wallet in the Algorand NFT scene, which enables users to see and understand the behavior of their fellow collectors.

Asalytic enables all Algorand NFT users (both new and existing) to make a well-informed decision, browse and purchase their next digital asset, all in one platform.

“In the following months, we plan to double down on mobile experience by bringing to life native iOS and Android applications to our users. I am really fascinated by the concept of composability between applications that run on the same publicly available backend, such as the Algorand blockchain. Asalytic currently uses data from more than 5 different dApps, ranging from domain naming services to various kinds of marketplaces. In the near future, we will emphasize even more on composability where we will create synergy between platforms instead of a competition.“
- Vilijan Monev, Founder of Asalytic.

“We’re excited to support Asalytic through our grant program. Asalytic is customer focused and provides through its intuitive user interface an amazing user experience for newcomers to NFTs and to NFT natives. Users will be able to collect in-depth analysis and compare the performance of multiple NFT collections simultaneously, along with wallet tracking facilitating analysis of the biggest traders in the NFT space.“
- Addie Wagenkneckt, Algorand Foundation.

For more information on Asalytic please visit, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn, or join the discussion on their Discord channel.

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