Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award


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November 29th, 2021 - Since launching the Algorand Foundation Grant Program last year, we have received many submissions, globally, from developers and innovators eager to participate in the expanding Algorand Ecosystem. After a thorough review and selection process, we are delighted to announce asalp as the latest Grant recipient.

asalp is the pioneer of a new asset class: Charity NFTs, set to be an exciting addition to the Algorand Ecosystem. The London-based start-up will create a social scene around charitable donations by rewarding contributions with generative Charity NFTs that act as tradable, personalised donation certificates linked to the social cause they support. Each campaign a charity launches is limited to a collection of 10,000 C-NFTs that can be awarded. asalp will transform a charity’s fundraising efforts by incentivising larger donations with intricate and beautiful generative art designs that reflects the value of the donation. This in turn provides a benchmark on the blockchain for the value of each individual C-NFT in any subsequent transaction.

Charity NFTs can be bought, sold – and even rented – on the asalp NFT Marketplace. Renting is arguably the logical extension of NFTs in their current form; illustrating the innovative ways in which asalp aims to create passive income streams for charities.

Rewarding donors with collectible Charity NFTs will revolutionise the charity fundraising model, while simultaneously raising awareness of environmental challenges and educating donors about ASAs and blockchain.

asalp will be the go-to platform for charities to accept crypto-contributions in the blockchain space. Algorand is the ideal blockchain in this regard, with their negligible fees making the minting of high volumes of Charity NFTs both financially feasible and sustainable for the environment.

asalp CEO Milo Simpson–Pedler explains, “An idea like this is only possible on Algorand due to the scalability of their blockchain and thus it allows asalp to introduce charities to exciting fundraising techniques for the modern world. With cash donations accounting for a majority of charity income and cash circulation in decline, charities need to embrace the cryptocurrency concept and reposition themselves for the changing donation demographic.”

He continues: “Adding to the use cases for Algorand holders, we feel businesses will be encouraged to now consider corporate NFT purchases. Businesses will be rewarded with unique 1/1 generative art in respect of charitable contributions, which ultimately will go towards tackling today’s most pressing social challenges. These are NFTs for ESGs.”  

“The Algorand Foundation is excited to welcome asalp as part of the growing NFT ecosystem being built on the Algorand network. asalp is an exciting project which mixes the passion for charitable donations with collectible NFT’s, rewarding donors in a very unique and personalised way for donating to charities of their choice. The speed, scale, guaranteed transaction finality and the nominal fees on Algorand provide a perfect platform for the asalp NFT Marketplace. The additional benefit for our partners is they enjoy the benefits of partnering with a sustainable, carbon negative blockchain which is guaranteed never to fork, is reliable and robust, secure, and truly decentralized. ” - Addie Wagenknecht, Head of Global Ecosystems and Technical Operations.

Charities wishing to get signed up to their platform can do so here; or alternatively you can join the discussion on their Discord, Twitter or Instagram. If you are interested in submitting a project for support from the Algorand Foundation Grant program, please apply here.

About asalp:

The primary goal of asalp is to encourage charities to adapt to modern fundraising techniques while bringing blockchain to a wider audience. Standing for Algorand Standard Asset Launch Pad, asalp is committed to propelling ASAs into the ecosystem and creating new use cases for Algorand holders. The London-based project eyes future expansions of developing multiple utilities for Charity NFTs including swapping mechanisms, monthly subscriptions in crypto and access to real world events.

In their unique position as a bridge between art, donation and blockchain, charities can interface with asalp when adapting to fundraising in a modern world.

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