NewsAPAS Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award to Support Them in Digitizing Water on the Algorand Blockchain

APAS Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award to Support Them in Digitizing Water on the Algorand Blockchain


Algorand Foundation

April 21st, 2022 - With Earth Day 2022 approaching tomorrow, the Algorand Foundation is delighted to welcome APAS to the Algorand ecosystem as our latest grant recipient. APAS, a Miami-based startup, has a bold vision to preserve and protect the world’s watersheds.

APAS will digitize the watershed in the United States by developing a decentralized approach to monitor the USA watershed’s water quality using sensor technology. APAS will incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing with embedded analytics and data visualization tools to empower and engage citizens with democratized data so that they are informed of the watershed’s water quality as they engage in water recreational activities. APAS will share the data with local governments to undertake appropriate proactive and predictive actions, as data will also inform water governance in terms of developing new policies and legislation, all while accounting for ESG criteria. APAS is proud to partner with Blockchain Italia as its development partner.

APAS’s roadmap includes launching its very own NFT collection as the APAS community continues to grow. APAS believes that large-scale impact can be achieved by scaling the efforts of existing nonprofit organizations, which is why APAS will financially support nonprofit organizations that lead their own microfinancing programs. This will, in turn, further promote water equity and security for all.

“We must monitor our watersheds through an integrated, data-driven, and One Water approach since the key is to break down the data silos and unlock the hidden value of data in these silos to make proactive and predictive decisions based on the insights drawn from the data. Long-term decision making to ensure the resilience of our water infrastructure must be data-driven and based on mitigating risks. Algorand will allow for citizens to have a stake and voice in this process while ensuring transparency and governance of our watersheds. 2022 - the year of the water tiger - is all about our power, boldness, and going big. This is what defines APAS. We look forward to going big and solving water together.” - Hardeep Anand, Founder of APAS

“We’re excited to support APAS on their mission to digitize the watershed on Algorand and fostering water equity around the globe. Algorand’s pure proof of stake consensus was designed by Professor Silvio Micali as a highly energy efficient network from the start. Algorand partners with organizations focused on sustainable use cases and we are delighted to announce our partnership with APAS as we approach Earth Day 2022.” - Jason Lee, Algorand Foundation

For more information on APAS, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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