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Algorand Governance 2024 Timeline


Algorand Foundation

We are pleased to update the Algorand community on the key initiatives and developments we plan for both our broader Governance program and our xGov program, in 2024 and beyond. In the event of any necessary adjustments to the timeline, we will be sure to communicate updated information in a timely manner.

Governance xGov
Q1 30M Algo in governance rewards is set to be dispersed in Governance Period (GP) 10 (Jan. 1, 2024–Mar. 31, 2024). Session 3 of the xGov grants pilot will continue until Mar. 10, 2024.
Q2 27.5M Algo in governance rewards is set to be dispersed in GP11 (Apr. 1, 2024–Jun. 30, 2024). Session 4 (the final session) of the xGov grants pilot is set to take place.

xGov v1 public beta development is set to conclude.

xGov guiding principles and bylaws are set to be developed with the community.
Q3 32M Algo in consensus rewards is set to be dispersed, OR if consensus incentivization is delayed, 25M Algo in governance rewards is set to be dispersed in GP12 (Jul. 1, 2024–Sep. 30, 2024). xGov v1 public beta and project-led rewards are set to begin.
Q4 27M Algo in consensus rewards is set to be dispersed, OR if consensus incentivization is delayed, 22.5M Algo in governance rewards is set to be dispersed in GP13 (Oct. 1, 2024–Dec. 31, 2024). xGov v1 public beta grants and project-led rewards are set to continue.

Transition to consensus incentivization

The Algorand Foundation prioritizes decentralization and security and is therefore redirecting funding from the Governance Rewards program to directly incentivize consensus participation. Once consensus incentivization begins (targeted to launch Q3 2024) Algorand Governance and DeFi incentives from that period forward will be deprecated. If consensus incentivization launches later in 2024 (i.e., Q4), governance reward payments will be extended to avoid gaps in incentivization.   

Ongoing efforts to drive further decentralization are paving the way to a future where:

  • Consensus incentivization is a seamless part of the protocol, rewarding participation algorithmically and autonomously.
  • Grant and reward programs, encompassing builder grants and targeted DeFi and NFT rewards, are crafted by builders and the community and are then administered on a decentralized basis via the xGov program.

Updates to the Targeted DeFi and NFT Rewards programs 

The Q1 2024 Targeted DeFi Rewards and NFT Rewards programs were approved by the community in GP9. Anticipating the planned transition to consensus rewards in 2024 and the curtailment of governance rewards, any future DeFi and NFT rewards decisions will be rolled into xGov and taken on a more decentralized basis. Funding for the xGov program would then include DeFi and NFT reward proposals. This track, within xGov, will allow DeFi projects and NFT marketplaces to pitch their proposals directly to the community for funding in Q3 and Q4 2024, empowering inclusive decision-making within the Algorand ecosystem. We will collect community feedback about whether we should continue with this initiative through the ongoing xGov design phase.

xGov platform evolution

In Q3 2024, the xGov program is anticipated to graduate from pilot to a public beta (v1) with funding potentially increased in Q3 and Q4 2024, conditional on the readiness of the platform. It is important to note that funding can be reduced at any time based on regulatory or other considerations, or if the system is misused. 

Given the deprecation of governance rewards and the move to incentivized consensus, we are also reviewing the xGov qualification criteria. 

Visit the xgov-new Discord thread and xGov Platform Evolution Algorand Forum thread to join discussions and provide feedback about xGov platform development. Also, listen to the xGov Process Update Space on X. 

Looking into 2025 

2025 holds exciting opportunities to further decentralize and grow the Algorand ecosystem. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment that welcomes open-source development, the creation of valuable tools, and engaging educational initiatives about Algorand and its use cases. 

Following the implementation of the xGov v1 public beta, xGov v2 will launch, bringing with it even greater advancements in decentralized governance. 

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