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Algorand Foundation Sponsors Blockchain Week Australia


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Algorand Foundation will host the official afterparty of Blockchain Australia’s Blockchain Week 2023 in Melbourne (June 26 - 30, 2023). On the closing Friday, the party will take place at Oshi Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne from 15:00 - 21:00 AEST. Oshi Gallery, a gallery purpose-built to merge the physical and digital worlds, is renowned for its incredible NFT art displays. The evening will be soundtracked by some pioneering Web3 musicians.

Algorand Foundation is an active member of the Blockchain Australia community and is proud to sponsor Australia’s Blockchain Week afterparty. The event will begin mid-afternoon with a panel of Web3 builders from the Algorand ecosystem. This will set the stage for the “Great DAO Debate” which will explore whether decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are a viable business model. 

Head of Community APAC at Algorand Foundation Summer Miao said: “Australia is taking the lead in driving mainstream blockchain adoption, and Algorand is proud to support that mission by removing the technical barriers and giving Web2 innovators the fundamental confidence they need to effect change throughout the region. We are glad to participate in the Australia Blockchain Week this June and can’t wait to discuss with the brightest minds across the industry to chart the trends and evolution of blockchain in Australia."

Many voices from across the Algorand ecosystem will be out in force. The first part of the event will showcase some of the real world solutions being built on Algorand, including, a self-sovereign ID project that supports zero knowledge credentials. Innovate-to-earn gaming platform; Day By Day, an insurance DAO; and Authentium, a global supply chain DAO, will join us for the DAO discussion. NFT projects minted on Algorand, including Cosmic Champs, Delta Crew, and Blackbook, will be on display during the event. 

Tickets for Algorand’s Great DAO Debate & Official Afterparty are available on Eventbrite

More information on Blockchain Week can be found on

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