NewsGrantAlchemon Inc Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award

Alchemon Inc Receives Algorand Foundation Grant Award


Algorand Foundation

April 27th, 2022 - The Algorand Foundation welcomes Alchemon to the Algorand ecosystem.  Alchemon is a monster-collecting NFT staking, crafting and trading card game only available on the Algorand Blockchain!

Alchemon (Alchemy + monster) Inc. puts decades of combined tech industry experience to work in developing collectable and tradeable NFTs that can also be used in a scalable video game, with a native token and its own in-game economy, all on the Algorand blockchain to grow the ALGO community.

Milestone steps live now:

  • Connect Unity video game with Pera Algo Wallet
  • Import Alchemon NFT Cards to play in game
  • Purchase consumables in-game with Pera Algo Wallet
  • 3v3 battles resulting in claimable AlcheCoin

Confirmed and coming to future releases:

  • Audited smart contracts in game
  • NFT Attacks that can be purchased in game
  • NFT Attacks can be attached and used in game
  • Ported to mobile

Alchemon launched a desktop beta this month on Algorand Mainnet. Get your Alchemon NFT Cards and import them to the video game to participate in 3v3 battles to earn AlcheCoin, the governance token of Alchemon. Alchemon has been pioneering GameFi and NFTs on Algorand since their inception with staking, trading and crafting evolutions which can only be obtained by interacting with their protocol. Their NFT-first design and gamification have been taking ASA utility to new heights.

“Here at Alchemon we are excited to help usher in the future that Algorand is building. We see the future where micro-economies of protocols or communities can survive and thrive. Where one person’s entertainment can be someone else’s livelihood on the other side of the globe. We have done our best to dismantle the pain points of traditional NFT markets and boast accessibility, affordability, inclusivity and entertainment via gamification. All on top of an easy, fast, green, reliable way for everyone to transact.” -Clifford Cannon, CEO Alchemon

“We’re thrilled to be backing Alchemon, a team of serious builders who have constantly delivered and helped shape the Algorand NFT and gaming ecosystem since inception.  If you’ve been part of the Algofam for a while, Alchemon needs no introduction as they have been a pillar of the community for the past several months. If you are just approaching the Algorand ecosystem, Alchemon represents a far more inclusive and accessible alternative to the existing battle games out there, which will make you question the status quo of crypto gaming. The recent launch of their beta is just the beginning and I am looking forward to what this stellar team will accomplish in the near future!’”- Piergiacomo Palmisani, Gaming Lead, Algorand Foundation

For more information on Alchemon please follow them on Twitter.

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