NewsAlgorand Foundation launches Algorand Centres of Excellence Programme (ACE)

Algorand Foundation launches Algorand Centres of Excellence Programme (ACE)


Algorand Foundation

October 7th, 2021 - The ACE programme is being launched as a university engagement initiative that strives to make a long-lasting, positive impact in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. As a commitment to Algorand Foundation’s mission, the ACE programme will run for the next ten years. Universities and non-profit research organisations can apply for funding to cover the cost of the set-up and operations of a centre for three to five years. Selected centres may differ by scope, duration, performers and number of institutions involved.

The programme has the following key objectives:

  • Advance and disseminate multi-disciplinary research in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space
  • Design educational programmes for a new generation of blockchain natives, including blockchain courses and student projects, hackathons and accelerators, and grassroot student involvement via student-led activities (e.g., blockchain clubs, etc.)
  • Support applied research and education leading to the development of innovative real-world mechanisms, applications and use cases
  • Foster an inclusive and diverse community of blockchain enthusiasts centred around student and campus initiatives
  • Promote social impact and sustainability projects based on blockchain with measurable metrics
  • Enhance the capabilities of the Algorand platform, grow its community and ecosystem, and bring us closer to fulfilling the vision of an equitable, inclusive, borderless economy

With the launch of this initiative, Algorand Foundation will help raise and nurture diverse, courageous generations of blockchain natives who can create, build, manage and innovate across all geographies.

Please see the ACE programme website for more information on how to apply and save your seat at one of our upcoming webinars.

Questions? Email the ACE team at

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