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Algorand Foundation partners with 10 Academy to build Africa’s workforce in blockchain


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New York, NY, June 22nd, 2022 - Algorand Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with 10 Academy. 10 Academy is a not-for-profit initiative with the mission of building Africa’s workforce in key areas of the 4th Industrial Revolution including Artificial Intelligence, Web3/Blockchain, Internet of Things and Quantum Computing by identifying, training and launching the careers of brilliant young people in Africa.  10 Academy’s vision is that youth in Africa will have a rich set of pathways to secure decent, impactful employment with social, economic and environmental benefit.

"We're thrilled to partner with Algorand Foundation to build Africa's Web3 workforce. Algorand's leading-edge technology provides multiple-bottom-line benefits (social, economic, environmental) and we look forward to working with their visionary team to grow Web3 in Africa,” states Arun Sharma, co-founder and Managing Director of 10 Academy.  "Algorand Foundation's support of 10 Academy trainees is the clearest proof of their stake in growing Web3 globally, with particular focus on Africa."

Hugo Krawczyk, Principal Researcher and Head of the Algorand Centers of Excellence (ACE) program, underlines the importance of addressing economic and societal challenges as Algorand is turning its vision for a thriving, global borderless economy into a reality: “Workforce training programs like 10 Academy are key in order to raise and nurture diverse, courageous generations of blockchain natives who can create, build, manage and innovate across all geographies. We are proud to support their team in running their exceptional programs that have real-life impact for their graduates.”

To learn more about 10 Academy and apply for their training programs, please visit

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