NFT Rewards Program

Elevate Your NFT Experience with Algorand Rewards

Governors voted. We listened! Get ready for this quarter’s NFT Rewards Program.

Engage with Algorand’s NFT marketplaces and earn thousands of Algo in rewards.

We’re calling all NFT enthusiasts, creators and collectors to get involved. Get ready to earn!

How it works

Quarterly programs: Every quarter we open a call for marketplaces to deploy NFT rewards and incentivize broader participation in the Algorand NFT ecosystem. Be sure to engage with Algorand NFT marketplaces to not miss the opportunity to earn thousands of Algo each quarter.

Rewards: Each program will see a generous volume of Algo up for grabs, which is distributed between participating marketplaces and fully deployed to NFT creators, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Engage and Earn: If you’re a creator, a collector, or an NFT enthusiast, Algorand’s NFT marketplaces have got your back! 

If you’re an NFT creator, get extra royalties through rewards. 

If you're an NFT collector, you can earn extra Algo by buying and selling NFTs. 

And lastly, if you’re an NFT enthusiast, earn rewards by taking part in things like meme and Discord contests.

Participants must comply with restrictions governing Algo Token trading and are prohibited from engaging in transactions that involve the distribution of Algo tokens to U.S. or individuals and entities located in other restricted regions, as defined and subject to update at:

Learn how you can engage and earn from the Program of each participating NFT Marketplaces below:

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