Circulating Supply Will Be the Only Supply Metric for Algo

Date: Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Circulating Supply will be the only supply metric used for Algo. We will no longer refer to the Liquid Supply metric.

As outlined in our Transparency Report, we are in the process of reviewing the Foundation’s wallet architecture (which currently consists of more than 180 active wallets) with a view to consolidating and streamlining the wallets. This is important for operational efficiency and will give the community an easier picture of the Foundation’s on-chain activity.  

In connection with this, we are sunsetting the Liquid Supply metric and therefore the only metric now in use will be the Circulating Supply.

For reference, the Liquid Supply metric was originally developed in connection with the Participation Rewards program that ended on May 15, 2022.  Whilst the metric was useful then, the sunsetting of that program negates the usefulness of this alternative measure of supply.

In order to ensure block explorer services receive correct API feeds and can transition smoothly, the legacy Liquid Supply provided will be set to equal Circulating Supply.  

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