27.9.2022 - 02.11.2022

Virtual Hacks

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About the Virtual Hacks

The Greenhouse Virtual Hacks Series aims to nurture developers. We will help you better understand how to program and build projects on Algorand.

Why Participate?

Winning project submissions will receive a hackathon challenge reward, be revered by the Algorand Community, and have the opportunity to continue their work with job opportunities and grants or accelerator funding.

How it works

  • Register for exclusive upcoming programming and updates

  • Follow the provided link for sign-up, team matchmaking, and more

  • Join our Discord and connect with builders in the #greenhouse channel

  • Participate in workshops and AMAs

  • BUIDL with your friends!

  • Submit your work

  • Participate in community voting

  • Successful projects will have the opportunity to avail of ecosystem funding and mentorship


Preprogramming Schedule of Events

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Team Matchmaking

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Community Voting

Cash Prizes

Greenhouse Hack 2 Schedule - Coming Soon

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