NewsNFTVictoria’s Promise Charity Chooses Algorand to Power Unique NFT Collection for Cancer Initiative

Victoria’s Promise Charity Chooses Algorand to Power Unique NFT Collection for Cancer Initiative


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August 15th, 2022 - Algorand is proud to support and power the unique NFT collection, “Promise Bears”, from Victoria’s Promise, an innovative UK-based cancer charity that supports young women through their cancer journey and beyond. To bring these NFTs to life, Victoria’s Promise teamed up with renowned artist, 'Penny Crayon NFT’. Only 5,000 individual NFTs will be available for sale on Algorand, making this an opportunity for donors to own a distinctive piece of digital art which will have a positive impact on female cancer patients.

This dedicated collection of NFTs, “Promise Bears”, launched on 1st August 2022 on Algorand and each NFT is available to purchase for £30. Each bear in the collection has unique characteristics, attitudes with traits of varying rarity and funds the charity’s continued efforts to provide care and support for young women with cancer, while contributing to the empowerment of the Victoria Promise community. 

Algorand is the ideal blockchain in this regard, enabling Victoria’s Promise to leverage the power of community and blockchain technology to drive the growth of a powerful and loving community. All proceeds of these NFTs minted on Algorand go towards patient care, research and support, while also ensuring that each transaction has a positive impact on the environment due to Algorand’s position as a high-performance green blockchain with a high level of security.  

Web3 unlocks a world of opportunities for charity organizations and non-profits - from new fundraising methodologies to innovative ways to engage and connect with donors, community and beneficiaries alike.  Algorand is honored to serve as the technological backbone for innovative initiatives run by these high-impact organizations.,”

explains Shamir Ozery, Head of Web 3 for the Alogrand Foundation. 

To learn more about this NFT Collection, please visit: 

About Victoria’s Promise: 

Victoria’s Promise is a charity that was founded to keep the promise of Victoria Van der Westhuizen, whom having been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, at age 29, 6 months after her father had passed from the disease, vowed to use her experience to go onto support others that are having to undergo the same journey.

Victoria did not see her 30th birthday, however, her family decided to keep her promise. The charity is now supporting over 600 young women and their families with tightly knit community, educational and empowering meet-ups, workshops, nature days, counselling, bereavement and domestic support.

Victoria’s Promise launched an app in 2021 to support young women with any cancer internationally. 600 women across the world are already using the app, which welcomes women between the ages of 18 and 50 and their families in providing access to a highly supportive community at every stage in their cancer journey.

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