NewsSmile Coin will offer a suite of DeFi products and tools to power the future of gaming on Algorand

Smile Coin will offer a suite of DeFi products and tools to power the future of gaming on Algorand


Algorand Foundation

Sept 9th, 2021 - We are delighted to welcome Smile Coin to the Algorand ecosystem through the Algorand Foundation Grant program. Smile Coin is a Web3 Project and dApp focused on powering the gaming industry through the first-ever DeFi gaming portfolio and single global currency on Algorand. SMILE have been awarded a grant from the Algorand Foundation and will offer a suite of DeFi products and tools to power the future of gaming on Algorand that include:

  • Distributed Gaming Portfolio
  • Single Global Gaming Currency
  • AI-Powered Returns
  • Blockchain Gaming on Algorand
  • Indie Game Development Incubator

Smile Coin empowers gaming companies to transact without the hassle of complex and onerous payment processing and gives users tools to optimize their profits. Smile Coin’s design offers distinct advantages over legacy networks, including transparency in performance, decentralized network, financing, and more. SMILE leverages Algorand’s Layer-1 protocol to offer a streamlined payment infrastructure, blockchain gaming experiences, and the first-ever transactional ledger dApp.

“We’re excited to continue developing rapidly to transform the way both companies and players interact with gaming applications on and off-chain. The low transaction fees and high throughput achieved through Algorands Layer-1 blockchain solution enable us to build, deploy and scale seamlessly. After migrating our project from Ethereum, we’re taking full advantage of the developer tools available on Algorand, including an update on accessible languages and the Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM), which empowers Smile Coin’s application accelerating the future of DeFi gaming.” - Taj Tarsha, Co-Founder & Head of dApp Development

"We are delighted to introduce SMILE to the Algorand ecosystem. The Algorand blockchain is a perfect fit for Smile Coin as it provides the necessary scale to meet the needs of the sizable and ever growing gaming community. Migrating their project to Algorand will enable Smile Coin and its users to benefit from a cost effective, fully decentralized platform’.  -  Jason Lee, COO of the Algorand Foundation.

We are excited to join Smile Coin on their journey to decentralize gaming activity, and working with them to transform the way both gaming companies and consumers interact with online gaming by creating a single global gaming currency and AI-powered gaming portfolio on Algorand.

For more information on Smile Coin, please visit or follow them on Twitter.

If you are interested in submitting a project for support from the Algorand Foundation Grant program, please apply here.

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