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NFT Spotlight: AlgoBambino


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AlgoBambino is an NFT project we’ve been into lately that features a bunch of sassy deer with cool accessories, often emblazoned with the Algorand logo. It all started when AlgoBambino founder @KimchiBlock stumbled upon an interview with Silvio Micali and got hooked on Algorand's near-instant transactions. Two years later, the NFT project founder is still here because he believes in Algorand's potential to make a positive impact. The AlgoBambino project, which has already generated a lot of buzz in the Algorand community, is made up of two collections: "AlgoBambino" and "Royal Bambino." What started as a passion project, now has a team of four dedicated to adding value and building tools for the Algorand community. We reached out to AlgoBambino founder @KimchiBlock to explore his Algorand origin story and find out what inspired the project. 

What led you to Algorand and why did you decide to use it to launch AlgoBambino?

My first "aha!" moment with Algorand was when I first watched Silvio Micali's interview with Lex Fridman. This prompted me to try Algorand and I was blown away by the near-instant transactions which made my experience a pure joy. It's been about two years since then and I'm still here today because I believe Algorand has the team and technology to make a positive impact in the world. I decided to launch AlgoBambino on Algorand because I believe in Algorand's future and I love the community.

Describe AlgoBambino in a few sentences. What's the project all about?

AlgoBambino was launched simply because I wanted to create something that people would like – a project that would bring the community together, build tools and onboard new users to Algorand. We are striving to be one of the best PFP projects on Algorand and we have BIG plans and partnerships for the near future. So please stay tuned!

“I believe that the greatest utility for AlgoBambino is our transparency and dedication to our holders and Algorand.”

What is the utility of your project?

We have built our own marketplace (currently in beta) where holders will be able to use our $BAMBI tokens to redeem prizes and enter raffles. We are also building an ASA (Algorand Standard Assets) swap tool that will allow different NFT-related tokens to be exchanged with one another without having the need to find the person to trade with. Ultimately, I believe that the greatest utility for AlgoBambino is our transparency and dedication to our holders and Algorand. We are grateful to the hundreds of supporters who back and believe in our vision. We will always have our holders' best interests at heart.

What's your background? What led you to Web3, NFTs, etc?

I am a Korean from New Zealand that's currently residing in Singapore (crazy right?). I work in the healthcare sector but I’ve always loved drawing and collecting things. When I was really young in Korea, I used to collect "Ddakji" which is a plaything made by folding two square pieces of paper. In New Zealand, I used to collect cat's eye marbles and trading cards. Fast forward to today, now I'm into watches and, of course, NFTs. The biggest flex about me is that I have an amazing wife who is not only supportive of my Web3 ventures but loves Algorand NFTs too! 

What's unique about the #AlgoFam?

I have been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2017 and am part of numerous communities. Each crypto community is passionate but #AlgoFam is unique because we actually care about the tech and its implications in the real world. We have the best brains, the best meme-generators and the best reply/GM guys on Twitter. I also love how most of the project founders (both NFTs and DApps) are so down-to-earth and easy to have a conversation with! I've built so many valuable relationships and learned so much.

How does Web3 and blockchain tech benefit artists?

I believe that artists who adopt blockchain tech today will reap huge advantages in the future. NFTs empower artists by enabling them to prove the authenticity of their work and monetize it. NFTs also expand access to new collectors and supporters across the globe. Algorand is cheap, fast and carbon-neutral which makes it a great option for artists. It offers multiple marketplaces that provide amazing user experiences and the #AlgoFam community is very supportive.

Speaking of artists and builders, I’d like to publicly thank the team at AlgoBambino. Thank you to @BMscis for building the AlgoBambino Marketplace, @FlippingAlgos for setting up our $BAMBI airdrops and helping so many NFT projects on Algorand and @Raelsworld1 for his passion for Algorand NFTs and AlgoBambino V2 collaboration.

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