NewsNew Algorand Relay Node Running Pilot now Live

New Algorand Relay Node Running Pilot now Live


Algorand Foundation

November 5th, 2021 - The Algorand Foundation is excited to announce that the pilot Relay Node Running program is now live. This pilot is the first step on the path to bring Relay Nodes to the same level of full decentralisation as the Algorand blockchain’s consensus participation nodes.

As a result of our call for submissions, on June 9th, 2021, the pilot group is in place. These relay nodes are being run across 6 continents and will provide 20 new relay nodes to support and enable the continued high performance and robustness of the Algorand blockchain.

The breakdown of node runners for this pilot program by region is;

  • Africa: 2
  • Europe: 8
  • South America: 1
  • North America: 5
  • Asia: 3
  • Australia: 1

Amongst the community teams running relay nodes are:

Distributed Validators Synctems

Our team believes that Algorand is one of the most promising blockchains at the moment. We want to join this movement. Our team is also testing various DeFi protocols in the Algorand ecosystem. We want to bring more value to the Algorand community.

EXA Finance

As a French-based startup bringing DeFi innovation to Algorand, we want to further decentralize the network in Europe.


Since 2016 GT50 has been working in some activities involving the expertise and use of blockchain technology and after some experience  with Ethereum and Factom, we selected Algorand because we think it is the only blockchain technology that can provide integrated functionality at layer 1 and an efficient and secure service.

This is why we have integrated Algorand's blockchain functionality into our Document Security Platform "Lambda Service" since 2020 and when Algorand Foundation invited interested parties to Relay-Node program, we immediately activated a Relay Node that is already synchronised and ready to be used.


To support and improve the competitiveness of high-impact emerging technology industries. To build and transform human capital and infrastructure.

Nighthawk Apps

We wanted to participate in the Relay Node Program to understand the ALGO network infrastructure and to help increase decentralisation of Relay Nodes.


Our goal is to help future community-based relay node runners by providing feedback on how to optimize relay node configurations, monitoring, documentation, and rewards.

Always With Passion

We believe in the mass adoption of a decentralized Algorand blockchain and so we are thrilled to be contributing to a smooth onboarding and running experience for future relay node runners!


Technologists and uturists have driven the adoption of blockchain, and as the ecosystem evolves Algorand is well-positioned to be a leader in the space. We wanted to be a part of that journey and support Algorand's network decentralisation. ~ Ryan Schulz, Founding Member,

Blockchain is a transformational technology that continues to evolve, and Algorand's innovative Pure Proof of Stake model is the next step. As technologists and futurists, we wanted to support one of the best-positioned blockchain projects in the space and help strengthen the resiliency and decentralisation of the Algorand network. ~ Ryan Schulz, Founding Member,

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

We want to participate in the Relay Node Program to expand our participation in the staking services re: alternative L1 projects that can potentially be viable fast, cheap and decentralized networks to expand our community to build projects on.

Cyber Security Group - University of Southampton

Decentralising the infrastructures we can build more resilient and secure dapps. By participating in the Relay Node Program, we aim at fostering a more decentralised Algorand network.


We are excited to be a member of the pilot cohort of the Relay Node Program, helping increase the diversity and number of relay nodes on the Algorand network. Payscript’s participation in the program is a testament of our efforts in supporting the growth and decentralisation of the Algorand Ecosystem.

System Solid

When the Foundation opened the Relay Node Pilot Program, we jumped at the opportunity to contribute our technical resources to the network beyond participation nodes. We are thrilled to have been selected for the program and to help enhance the overall resiliency and decentralisation of the Algorand network.


Node-Ops provides world-class cloud hosting for cryptocurrency services and entities. We are excited to have been selected as a node runner for the Algorand Relay Node Pilot Program.

Sofia Relay

To deepen our engagement with the Algorand ecosystem and to reduce our monthly infrastructure costs.


Algorand is building robust architecture that will power the future of decentralised finance. Doing so will require a well-distributed infrastructure to support fast transaction processing for companies. Based in Africa, Yensesa is building a project on the Algorand chain and we believe many other African innovators should have the opportunity to do so. That is why we are participating as RN providers to expand Algorand's infrastructure to the Africa region and increase access to blockchain for developers within the region.

Probst Technologies

Algorand's ecosystem is the most exciting place in the crypto space and we want to be a part of it.

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