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Algorand Foundation partners with Kryptosphere


Algorand Foundation

September 1st, 2022 - The Algorand Foundation is excited to announce the partnership with the Kryptosphere.

“The student organization is a network of 24 student blockchain societies in France with hundreds of members from French elite universities. Algorand Foundation is committed to support student initiatives like Kryptosphere and we see students as crucial contributors to innovation and success in blockchain technologies.”

- Doro Unger-Lee, Head of University Programs, Algorand Foundation

As part of the  partnership Kryptosphere will offer numerous learning opportunities for student developers who are interested in building on Algorand. Algorand Foundation will also be part of their annual conference next spring and their seminar this October.

Matthias Vallet, president of Kryptosphere, underlines:

“We are glad to work closely with Algorand Foundation and their network that meets our values: education, research and innovation. We strongly believe that blockchain has the potential to disrupt our world, this is why we are sharing our passion. We are not only students, we are tomorrow's builders”. 

To find out more about Kryptosphere, please visit: or follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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