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Guardrail Announces the General Availability of the Algorand Blockchain on the AWS Marketplace


Algorand Foundation

February 21st, 2022 - Guardrail, a cloud solutions provider that makes rapid cloud adoption easy for Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), is proud to announce the general availability of the Algorand Blockchain on the AWS Marketplace.

The release enables single-command, self-deployments of Algorand's entire node infrastructure on AWS. Any AWS user with minimal cloud and blockchain experience can deploy and securely operate up to 1,000 nodes in 24 regions from their AWS account in less than 30 minutes, including Relay Nodes, Participation Nodes, and Indexer nodes.

Algorand's most critical projects have been using Guardrai's solution as an alternative to centralizing API aggregators, such as PureStake and BisonTrails, to avoid rate-limiting and tap into Algorand's full capabilities for building secure wallet-based applications.

“If you want to use Algorand, there is a growing list of API “node aggregator” services that sell you relief from Algorand’s alleged complexity and the cloud’s alleged complexity.  The more blockchains they work with, the more rigid and centralized they become. If you throw any meaningful traffic at them, you get rate limited. When customers adopt blockchain technology, it’s almost always to support critical infrastructure. There is a huge downstream risk in putting the reliability of your payment system into the hands of a cloud reseller. AWS isn’t complex, it’s powerful. Algorand isn’t complex, it’s powerful.  We applied 13 years of experience with AWS to ensure nothing stands in between our customers and realizing that power.”  - Chris Econn, CEO, Guardrail

“We worked closely with Guardrail on this release because we didn’t want to just put our blockchain in the cloud; we wanted to leverage the cloud to enhance our blockchain technology in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible.”  - Staci Warden, CEO, Algorand Foundation

Guardrail will distribute source code to its customers and keep them up to date on the latest MainNet node versions found on the Algorand GitHub. The release has been validated by Algorand's core research team and certified for high-stakes participation.  

About Guardrail

Since the launch of AWS in 2003, Guardrail’s co-founders have led 50 early-stage, "born-in-the-cloud" startups from distress into acquisitions exceeding $500M, including the first ride-sharing app, the first social gaming platform, and the first mobile social network.  Most recently, Guardrail’s core team led AWS’s #1 consulting partner and the fifth fastest-growing solution provider on the CRN’s 2019 Global Fast Growth 150.

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