NewsGeneralFormal notice on third-party wallet provider MyAlgo (3/6/23)

Formal notice on third-party wallet provider MyAlgo (3/6/23)


Algorand Foundation

We want to provide clarity regarding the unauthorized and ongoing access and movement of assets from users of MyAlgo Wallet. MyAlgo is a third-party wallet provider, not directly associated with Algorand Inc or the Algorand Foundation. The Algorand protocol has not been compromised.

It appears that this is an ongoing attack and all MyAlgo Wallet users need to immediately move their assets out of wallets that have interacted with the MyAlgo platform. Users should withdraw funds to, or rekey to, newly created accounts outside of MyAlgo, or to a hardware wallet.

Please find below a few tutorials to rekey on other wallets:

1) Rekey your wallet to a new wallet on @PeraAlgoWallet app:

2) Rekey your wallet on @PeraAlgoWallet web app:

3) Rekey your wallet on @deflyapp app:

We will continue to monitor the situation. 

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