NewsDeFiAlgorand Foundation Partners with Blockshake to Develop Defly, the Algorand DeFi App

Algorand Foundation Partners with Blockshake to Develop Defly, the Algorand DeFi App


Algorand Foundation

February 3rd, 2022 - The Algorand Foundation is delighted to announce our partnership with Blockshake to develop ‘Defly’, the Algorand DEFI wallet app, a mobile crypto trading app maximizing the user experience of decentralized exchanges.  

Defly bridges the gap between the comfort and usability of centralized exchanges and the security and independence of decentralized exchanges (DEXes). Starting with the Algorand Tinyman DEX, the mobile app provides a portfolio with performance metrics, a trading interface, and a market view. The entire user experience of analyzing the market, tracking wallet assets, and making trades is supported in a unified user interface.

Defly runs an aggressive schedule to be the first in decentralized trading. The app will be on mainnet in Q1 2022 and will focus on expanding to multiple swap protocols including cross-chain bridges in Q2 and Q3 2022.

‘This is an exciting opportunity to take modern blockchain concepts to a wider audience. Not everything that can be done with this technology is readily accessible or convenient to use on a daily basis. Specifically decentralized services tend to be cumbersome in their current state. Defly is a user-centric effort to provide maximum usability and capability in an integrated app. Assuming Defly keeps its momentum, many new users will join the party and share the fascination about dApps, public ledgers, and financial independence’. - Stefan Hechenberger, Defly Co-Founder

‘We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Blockshake, the team bringing the Defly app to the Algorand ecosystem and community. Defly is the first Algorand DEFI wallet application and is receiving very positive feedback from the Algorand community, providing a top quality user experience and combining the best features of traditional crypto trading and real-time portfolio monitoring with the independence and security of DEFI. Users can easily connect multiple wallets and quickly switch between them to see overall portfolio values. Defly represents the most comprehensive DeFi mobile app available to the community and we welcome them to the Algorand Ecosystem’. - Addie Wagenknecht, Head of Global Ecosystems and Technical Operations

For more information on Defly please visit their website at or follow @deflyapp on Twitter. If you are interested in submitting a project for support from the Algorand Foundation Grant program, please apply here.

About Blockshake:

Blockshake is a full stack development company focusing on mobile apps, distributed blockchain technology (specifically Algorand) and advanced cryptography. We aim to build out the tools for a decentralized world. Blockshake was founded by Hannes Mitterer, Otto Kreidl, and Stefan Hechenberger. Together with developer Kevin Wellenzohn we have extensive experience in application development, server deployment, big data, machine learning, open source, academic research, and business administration. Our educational backgrounds are extensive in aeronautics, computer science, blockchain and hardware engineering.

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