NewsGrantAlgoSeas pirate-themed idle staking game receives Algorand Foundation grant award

AlgoSeas pirate-themed idle staking game receives Algorand Foundation grant award


Algorand Foundation

July 7th, 2022 - The Algorand Foundation today welcomes AlgoSeas to the Algorand ecosystem as our latest grant recipient. AlgoSeas has received grant funding to support them in developing their pirate-themed idle NFT staking game built on Algorand.

The gameplay for AlgoSeas is simple: you mint pirates, train them up, and send them out to plunder the AlgoSeas! Your pirates will plunder merchants, battle the royal navy, and engage in combat with other players. All these actions take place automatically, so by spending just a few minutes every day, your crew will become strong enough to contend for the title of Pirate King! AlgoSeas has given away around 7,500 ALGO to previous Pirate Kings as tribute, making them one of the biggest Play-to-Earn games on Algorand. In addition to their pirate game, AlgoSeas has built an on-chain NFT marketplace and the beginnings of an NFT launchpad. AlgoSeas plans to give away 25% of the ALGO generated by their platform as rewards to the players of the pirate game, so the payouts don’t depend solely on new players joining the game (unlike many other P2E games).

AlgoSeas’ lead developer, Austen Probst, has said, “Algorand never forks, never goes down, and has low transaction fees… this is where NFTs belong. Our goal is to show that to the world.” The AlgoSeas team built their pirate-themed idle NFT game to draw gamers to Algorand. The team hopes that after new Algorand users play their game, they will try their NFT marketplace, see how slick the tech is, and join the broader Algorand community. With many new features planned for the game, marketplace, and launchpad, and with the breakneck speed of development by the team, AlgoSeas has a strong chance of reaching its goal. AlgoSeas will also be launching an original NFT series called AlgoSkulls on July 29th at 8 PM ET, so be sure to check that out!

“We are delighted to welcome AlgoSeas to the ever growing Algorand gaming ecosystem and support a team of serious developers that are committed to building. AlgosSeas is one of the first fully functional games on Algorand, with low barriers to entry (players can assemble a crew of pirates and start looting for a few Algos) and which rewards players with Algo”.
- Piergiacomo Palmisani, Algorand Foundation

To start playing AlgoSeas’ pirate-themed idle NFT staking game, visit To check out their NFT marketplace, visit For more information on the AlgoSkulls mint, visit Also feel free to follow AlgoSeas on Twitter and join their Discord server. Finally, a good getting-started guide for the game can be found here:

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