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Algorand SDK Now Available as a Verified Solution on Unity Asset Store


Algorand Foundation

Today, Unity introduced its new “Decentralization” category page in the Unity Asset Store, listing Algorand as one of its vetted solutions to support developers interested in technology that enables decentralization in gaming. The new Unity Asset Store category will help these developers find solutions to manage digital assets, set up smart contracts, and build on blockchain networks like Algorand. 

The Algorand SDK equips developers with tools to easily integrate digital assets and primitives into their games while leveraging a secure and highly efficient network. Algorand’s inability to fork ensures that in-game assets remain unique, while its unmatched speed and scalability (6,000 TPS), instant finality, and low transaction fees make it a natural choice for game developers. 

Algorand already provides the infrastructure for games like the Drone Racing League’s Project Drone Galaxy, a multiplayer drone racing experience in the metaverse; and Flex NBA, an NBA-licensed game fusing pro sports with memorabilia and fan engagement. Algorand also partnered with World Chess as the official blockchain partner of the FIDE Grand Prix Series, and there are more than 60 games launched or in development on Algorand, including P2E projects like Zone, Trantorian, Polynize, and more.

Along with Algorand, 12 other verified solutions are also listed in the Decentralization category on the Asset Store including, Aikon, Aptos Labs, Dapper Labs, Metamask, Immutable X, and Tezos. 

We’re excited to welcome a new audience of developers to the Algorand ecosystem and look forward to the innovative ways the network will be used for decentralized gaming development. 

For more information, please visit the Unity Asset Store.

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