NewsAlgoGems Receives Grant Award to Support Their NFT marketplace

AlgoGems Receives Grant Award to Support Their NFT marketplace


Algorand Foundation

October 26th, 2021 - The Algorand Foundation welcomes AlgoGems to the Algorand ecosystem as our latest grant recipient. AlgoGems has been awarded a grant to support building their NFT focused digital art marketplace.

AlgoGems is a modern NFT platform offering free NFT minting on the Algorand blockchain, modern content browsing, trading, and auctioning of NFTs. AlgoGems aims to be a fully-fledged platform, with social features, digital art galleries, and customized artists pages for all content creators. They aim to reach a general audience thanks to the most simple-to-use and free NFT Platform. AlgoGems tries to offer more than just NFT features; the platform is designed to become a community-powered environment with social NFTs events, contests, lotteries, and games. AlgoGems is for all kinds of content creators, whether emerging or established, coming from the NFT community or any other horizon.

“The support from the community and the Algorand Foundation has been incredible. We’re glad to know our approach for a user-friendly NFT platform is well received and we are moving forward to make AlgoGems what this community deserves. The journey has only started, and we are getting an amazing spot in the ecosystem thanks to partnerships with other projects and support from the Foundation. We have only felt pure enthusiasm and collaboration from the other actors of the ecosystem, it is a builder’s atmosphere. We believe that the Algorand ecosystem has just started to grow and we will continue our efforts to leverage the strengths of Algorand to offer the most attractive and simple NFT experience. ". Mathias Dail, AlgoGems Core Team

"AlgoGems was developed to provide a universal tool, for anyone who wants to get involved in crypto and NFTs. Users are empowered through a free, ecological and efficient platform... with minimal financial requirements for those who want to create, and express themselves!” - Anthony R. Guichard, Head of Relations, AlgoGems Marketing Team

“The Algorand Foundation believes in the importance of NFT marketplaces and welcomes Algogems to the Algorand ecosystem. AlgoGems are joining an ever-growing list of NFT marketplaces building on Algorand, a green blockchain guaranteed never to fork and which is reliable, secure, and truly decentralized. Our speed, scale, and transaction finality along with nominal fees provide a perfect platform for artists to mint NFT’s and ensures art collectors are not put off by the high gas fees involved in purchasing NFT art on other chains” - Addie Wagenknecht, Head of Global Ecosystems and Technical Operations

For more information on AlgoGems, please visit the AlgoGems website or follow them on Twitter, Telegram,  and Reddit.

If you are interested in submitting a project for support from the Algorand Foundation Grant program, please apply here.

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