NewsAIKON & Algorand Foundation team up to help companies adopt blockchain at scale

AIKON & Algorand Foundation team up to help companies adopt blockchain at scale


Algorand Foundation

The Algorand Foundation and AIKON are thrilled to announce our partnership that will bring AIKON’s ORE ID secure blockchain identity service to the Algorand blockchain, pushing forward the adoption of both developers and users on Algorand. AIKON is the newest recipient of the 250M Algorand Grants Program, that will help the team make ORE ID available to Algorand developers and applications. AIKON will also develop the Algorand plugin in their open source blockchain development helper library, ChainJS, opening doors for both enterprises and dapps built on other chains to easily migrate to Algorand.

Algorand is the world’s first pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol with the security, scalability and decentralization needed for today’s financial institutions. With outstanding transaction throughput, block & transaction finality and super flexible asset tokenization, the Algorand blockchain will enable existing financial businesses to embrace the world of decentralized and frictionless finance.

The AlgoGrant supported partnership between the Algorand Foundation and AIKON will deliver on two initial objectives:

AIKON will integrate Algorand into their core service, ORE ID, which enables enterprise customers to easily adopt and migrate their existing users to the Algorand blockchain.

AIKON will develop the Algorand plugin for ChainJS, announced earlier this week, which is an open source blockchain helper library that will make it simple for developers to migrate their existing Dapps to Algorand.

Many projects are already in the process of integrating ORE ID, such as Everipedia, The Wiki Encyclopedia for Everything, WordProof, copyright protection for content creators & verifiable information for website visitors, and 1World Online, an award-winning software platform for interactive marketing campaigns.

“We are delighted to provide grant support for AIKON’s ORE ID, who we see as one of the most enterprise-friendly services for businesses that are adopting Algorand,” said Fangfang Chen of Algorand Foundation “We’re looking forward to growing our ecosystem of real companies with powerful blockchain use cases.”

AIKON is thrilled to be able to work with the extremely smart team building Algorand from behind the scenes and solving fundamental blockchain viability problems. With notable projects on Algorand such as Props, a network staking rewards platform, and Republic, a leading investment platform, there is a bright future ahead for crypto enthusiasts!

“Algorand was built to handle massive numbers of transactions at low cost, and we’re incredibly excited to help companies migrate millions of users onto their chain,” said Marc Blinder, CEO of AIKON, “they have the infrastructure to handle that kind of scale really well and we want to help bring those users to the table.”


AIKON was founded in 2018 with the goal of enabling the digital asset economy and empowering users from all over the globe. Where every asset and service can be managed more safely, easily and without middlemen, AIKON has developed the Open Rights Exchange protocols to manage access to digital rights and access, and has been enabling mainstream blockchain adoption with its ORE ID secure identity service. With ORE ID, AIKON hopes to foster a new era of secure identities that protects users and their data, powered by the blockchain.

About Algorand Foundation

The Algorand Foundation is committed to the development of an inclusive and transparent system where anyone can build prosperity through decentralized applications and projects, no matter where they are.  The Algorand Foundation provided assistance with the network launch, along with initial governance and evolution of the public blockchain, with a primary goal of promoting broad participation and decentralization of the network. The Algorand Foundation is helping make the borderless economy a reality.

For more information on the Algorand Blockchain or the Algorand Foundation, please visit For more information on the Algorand Foundation Grants Program, please visit here. As a developer looking to build on the Algorand public blockchain, there is a wealth of resources and tools available to you at

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