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Accelerated Vesting Complete


Algorand Foundation

October 5th, 2021 - The Algorand Foundation is happy to announce the completion of EIP- 11252019AF, the Accelerated Vesting Program linked to the Algorand Early Backer / Node Runner program. As of today, October 5th, approx. 3.1Bn Algo linked to this program has been vested. As a result of this year’s multiple accelerated vesting events, circulating supply of the Algo is now ~6.15Bn Algo, with a liquid supply of ~6.7Bn Algo.

There are a small number of recipients that have had issues with their ability to accept their vesting at different points in the program, and for now, the vesting of these recipients has been placed in a short term pause, until they have resolutions in place to receive the balance of their vesting. The Foundation is actively working with those recipients to ensure they are in a position to accept their vesting by the end of 2021. The total amount of Algo in these paused recipient accounts is ~200M Algo.  

Out of the 10Bn Algo minted at mainnet genesis, there now remains ~3.2Bn Algo that is to enter circulation between now and 2030. This 3.2Bn Algo is the Algorand Ecosystem Resource Pool (AERP) and is governed by the newly launched Algorand Community Governance program. Details of the AERP are outlined in the LTAD and cover areas such as Governance Rewards, Developer and Ecosystem Grant funding, the Viridis DeFi Fund and the recently launched ACE program for University partners.

We are excited to move forward with the next phase in the development of the Algorand ecosystem and look forward to the continued growth of our community in the years ahead.

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