BUILD-A-BULL Hackathon FAqs

What is Algorand’s Build-A-Bull hackathon? 

Build-A-Bull is a hackathon to create consumer-friendly applications using the power and scalability of the Algorand blockchain. Spanning four weeks, the hackathon offers an opportunity for committed developers and entrepreneurs to conceive a business concept, accelerate it through the development phase, and ultimately present a final product to a panel of expert judges. During the process, participants receive team formation support and technical mentorship around their project. Build-A-Bull is an exciting entry point into Web3 development and the Algorand ecosystem. It welcomes builders, developers, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Who can Build-A-Bull?

Anyone can sign up for Build-A-Bull. We recommend that you have previous building experience and feel confident that you are able to commit to the four-week challenge. Build-A-Bull is aimed at serious builders with founder DNA who can dedicate themselves to a project. Whether you're looking to join an awesome team or nurture your own idea over time, Build-A-Bull is the hackathon for you.

What are the important dates

Registration Opens: Sept 20th

Hacking Window: Oct 18th - Nov 15th

Finalists Announced: Nov 29th

Build-A-Bull Grand Prize Demo Day: Dec 13th

What are the rules?

  • Read the official Build-A-Bull rules. We strongly recommend that all participants familiarize themselves with the official guidelines.
  • Know the team size limit. Our team limit is five members. Stick to the rules to avoid disqualification.
  • Understand the evaluation criteria. Take the time to thoroughly understand how the judges will evaluate your project. Align your project with the criteria to maximize your chances of winning.
  • Build within the hackathon tracks. Ensure that your project aligns with one of the tracks listed below. Judges are more likely to favor projects that fit the theme well and address specific challenges.
  • No copying or plagiarism. Do not copy code, ideas, or projects from others, as this can lead to disqualification. 
  • Always be respectful. Be professional and help us foster a positive environment between the participants, judges, mentors, and organizers.

Do I need to register?

Yes! Please register when you decide you would like to take part. Registration will provide access to team formation information and exclusive Office Hours with world-class Algorand developers and Web3 pros. If you’re on a team, you will still need to register as an individual in order to be eligible for the prizes. You don’t need to include any of your project details at this time. After you register, we will send you information via email on how to submit your project.

Is participation in Algorand Hackathons limited to newly launched projects, and what are the eligibility criteria for winning?

Build-A-Bull focuses on supporting new initiatives that have not yet secured external funding. To qualify for the Build-A-Bull hackathon, projects should not have initiated their development process more than six months prior to the hackathon's starting date. However, if you have previously developed, are in the process of developing, or have garnered venture investment for a different Algorand-based project, you remain eligible to participate and claim victory.  Participants must indicate in the application form whether their project incorporates any pre-existing code. Teams are also obliged to disclose all pertinent details about such work.

Please note that the term "pre-existing code" does not include open-source code authored by third parties. We encourage participants to integrate existing Algorand protocols and other open-source resources into their projects.

How are projects evaluated

The hackathon is scored out of 100 and judged on the following criteria.


What we’re looking for 


The Team

A strong team that can demonstrate the ability to work effectively with complementary skills.


Functioning MVP

The project should showcase strong Algorand protocol implementation. 

The project should also prioritize providing an intuitive and seamless user experience. Good UX design and interface can enhance user adoption and engagement.

The project should consider the needs and preferences of its target users and demonstrate a clear understanding of their pain points.


Pitch and presentation

A well-prepared and compelling pitch or presentation is essential to showcase the project's value proposition, market potential, and technical capabilities. 

The team should be able to articulate their project clearly, concisely, and convincingly to the judges.


Product Market Fit

Winning projects should demonstrate potential for adoption and market impact. They should have a clear understanding of their target audience, the competitive landscape, and how they differentiate themselves.

Consideration of business models, revenue generation, and the project's potential to attract users or customers can be influential.


Team Formation: How do I join a team or find a team?

Once you have registered, we will share information via email about how to form a team, find a team to join, or find other participants to join your team. You can sign up for the team formation session and join our Discord server to find teammates.

How do I win the Build-A-Bull grand prize?

The first-place winners from each track are eligible to win an additional $10,000 USDC at the Build-A-Bull Grand Prize Demo Day. The winner will be determined by judges and an on-chain community vote.

What’s the University prize? 

This is a bonus prize. Any university team that places in any track is eligible to win an additional $5,000 USDC University Prize. 

What information do I need for the project submission form?

  • Name and email address of primary team leader
  • Product/project name
  • A product/project one-liner 
  • A list of teammates
  • Background/previous experience of each of the teammates
  • Location of team leader
  • A product logo
  • A link to your project’s Twitter account
  • GitHub repo link(s)
  • Product link and instructions for testing
  • Pitch deck with accompanying video (please keep this to approximately 3 minutes)

What slides should I include in the pitch deck?

  • Introduction: Give a brief introduction about the founders and the company's mission in the Web3 space.
  • Problem statement: Define the problem you're addressing, specifically in the context of decentralization, blockchain, or the broader Web3 landscape.
  • Solution: Describe your decentralized product, platform, or protocol that addresses the problem.
  • Market opportunity: Demonstrate the size of the Web3 market, potential for growth, and any emerging trends in the space.
  • Tokenomics (if applicable): If you have a token, explain its utility, distribution, and how it adds value to your ecosystem.
  • Traction (if applicable): Provide any milestones achieved, early adopters, on-chain metrics, partnerships, or other indicators of progress in the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Decentralization strategy: Detail how you plan to ensure decentralization, governance mechanisms, and community involvement.
  • Competitive landscape: Show key competitors in the Web3 space and your differentiators, especially in terms of technology, security, and community.
  • Financial and funding projections: Give an overview of your financial outlook.
  • Ask: Clearly state what you're asking for from investors or the community (e.g., funding amount, partnerships, staking, or other forms of support).

Where can I find inspiration and ideas for what to build?

Where can I find developer resources?

  • Algorand Developer Portal: The main starting point for all Algorand, blockchain and Web3-related resources. 
  • AlgoKit Repo for everything AlgoKit. The developer tool to help you build and test on Algorand within 10 minutes. 
  • DevRel GitHub repository on GitHub: Working examples of larger ideas, like AMMs and mass NFT airdrops, as well as smaller demos on how to use new features made available within the AVM 
  • AlgoDevs Youtube channel: A wide range of 5-10 minute videos to support your building.
  • Algorand Discord: A place to keep up-to-date, ask questions, get code examples, and discuss anything Algorand. Connect with the DevRel team with any queries.

Where can I find evergreen startup support resources?

Alongside this hackathon, we’re launching A*Primer, a support resource guide to help early-stage projects building on Algorand. Here you can find a consolidated high-level guide and resource directory for your initial entrepreneur journey. For hackathon-specific resources, please refer to this page.

We’re always looking to improve our content and welcome any feedback via this form.

Can I enter more than one project?

No, each participant is allowed to submit just one project and can be a member of only one team. We encourage you to concentrate on creating your most exceptional product idea.

Does my project have to be open source?

We strongly encourage all projects to be open source or at least have open-source components, but if you prefer to keep it private, please share access with This ensures that hackathon organizers and judges can evaluate your work.

Are there in-person events I can attend while working on my Build-A-Bull hackathon project?

Do I need to pay to take part in the hackathon?

No, there is no registration fee required to participate in the hackathon. It is a free event open to all interested participants.

Are there any restrictions on tools or services that I can use? 

No, there are no restrictions on the tools or services that you can use during the hackathon. Participants have the freedom to choose and utilize any tools, technologies, or services they deem necessary for their projects.

Where can I ask questions? 

The best place to ask questions is on Discord, the specific channel relating to your query. Once you sign up, you can also schedule some time during DevRel Office Hours, where you can ask for complex products and build advice on your hackathon project.